Why Work With Us?

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We Value Commitment and Opportunities

At Hatts Off Inc, we are committed to the personal and professional growth of our employees. We offer numerous opportunities for advancement, including onsite training and internal job postings to assist employees on their career development path.

We Provide Flexible and Appealing Positions

Our seven days on, seven days off positions have historically been very helpful for those in school, parents, or people wishing to volunteer in their free time. We also offer regular day, afternoon, night, and weekend shifts. For professionals who wish to have consistent shifts but are unable to work full-time hours, we offer job share positions in which two people share a full time role. There is also the option of relief positions, for those who prefer part-time work only.

We Provide Benefits Packages

Single and family benefit plans are available to employees who consistently work at least 24 hours a month.

We Provide Co-Op Placements

Hatts Off Inc accepts co-op placements from colleges and universities. We offer flexible hours, onsite training, and supervision from a qualified child and youth or mental health worker.