Adult Treatment Homes Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford

Adult Residential Treatment Homes

Adult residential treatment homes serve a range of needs, including mental disorders, brain injury, and adults with intellectual disabilities. Each program follows a staff model that provides 24-hour support to 3-4 clients within a home. We want all our residents to live active and full lives and encourage them to go on outings, participate in activities within their communities, and strive towards their individual goals.

Every adult under our care has an individual support plan that we create with them or someone acting on their behalf. These plans are reviewed regularly and outline the services and support we will provide, the goals they are striving towards, and steps to ensure their health and well-being with regard to nutrition, fitness, hygiene, continuing education, and personal safety. Adults who make progress with developing like skills and who desire more independence may be moved from a residential program to a mentor home.

Our adult homes are set within the communities of Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge, London, Stratford, Hagersville, St. Mary’s, and Brantford. All of our programs meet or exceed the standards of the Quality Assurance Measures set out in Ontario Regulation 299/10 by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.