Semi Indépendant Living Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford

Adult Semi-Independant Living

Our semi-independent living programs provide support to adults who wish to live on their own but face difficulties doing so. We provide assistance with finding and furnishing an apartment and offer clients support as needed with daily activities such as shopping, laundry, cooking, transportation to appointments, and managing medication. These programs allow adults with developmental difficulties to experience the empowerment of independent living within a structure that ensures their well-being and personal growth.

The level of support a client receives is entirely relative to their abilities and is reduced as they progress towards higher levels of independence. Clients are encouraged to increase social skills, become active members of their communities, and to participate in volunteering or employment if possible. Residents in these homes are encouraged to collaborate with family members at an appropriate level, respecting both their family’s needs and their own independence.

For some adults, this program may be a stepping stone towards achieving full independence, while for others this may be a permanent living solution.