Child & Youth Foster Homes Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford

Foster Homes

Foster children represent one of the most vulnerable populations in Ontario, often having been removed from their homes due to concerns for their safety and well-being. At Hatts Off, we are committed to connecting these children with families who are willing to open their homes and who have the tools to provide a secure, loving environment. As these children often come from traumatic backgrounds and bring with them a range of related needs, it is our responsibility to take into consideration the unique circumstances of each case and place children in homes where they can receive an appropriate level of care.

Before Hatts Off considers placing a child in a foster home, prospective parents must complete a rigorous process consisting of home inspections, background checks, and intensive training. Once a foster home has been approved and a child has been placed within its care, Hatts Off will work with the social worker and foster family to develop a plan of care that addresses the child’s specific needs.

Foster parents are further supported by Hatts Off with:

  • regular supervision and development sessions with our director of foster care and a program supervisor
  • fifteen hours of Child and Youth Worker support per child per week
  • adequate respite for weekends and vacation through a foster care relief system
  • peer support and professional development meetings
  • twenty-four hour on call support

Foster care children also have access to a variety of the treatment options offered within the Hatts Off system, including life skills training, anger management or substance abuse counselling, social skills training, and art and play therapy.