Child & Youth Foster Homes Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford

Residential Treatment Homes

Providing Positive and Normal Life Experiences

Hatts Off provides residential treatment for young people from a broad range of backgrounds across Ontario. These children and youth often have significant needs, be they social, emotional, behavioural, or academic, that have disrupted their ability to thrive in less structured environments. With a high ratio of qualified staff to clients, our residential treatment homes provide a level of guidance, supervision, and therapeutic treatment for residents to feel safe and secure and to develop to their full potential.

All of our homes offer single bedrooms and modern sturdy furniture with paint and decor to accommodate the individual tastes of each resident. The homes are integrated within residential neighbourhoods, blending in with other houses on the street and offering immediate access to medical and dental care, emergency services, shopping, schools, churches, and recreation centres.

We believe this community based approach provides a healthy environment for residents to attend school, have jobs and volunteer opportunities, and create positive relationships within their community. For our clients who are more comfortable outside an urban setting, we also offer the option of rural, farm-style homes in the countryside.